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Holiday Wreath Storage and Display

Nope, I’m NOT pregnant!  However, since everyone is back to school and the dust has settled, moving into the routine of fall I have been “Nesting”.  You know moms out there…the time when we are busy cleaning, organizing, etc., right before a baby arrives. 

I have been on a mission at our home…it is time for de-cluttering and organizing!!  My family loves this time (ha, ha) as I am on a rampage of cleaning everything out.

Last weekend, as we were packing up our son to go off to college and I was digging around for one of our many sets of risers, I couldn’t even WALK into our attic.  So, with my husband’s help and a few others with muscle, we loaded up a BOX truck FULL of furniture.  Items that I was holding onto for… it had been so long I forgot.  Why was I keeping this “stuff”?  The kids don’t want or need it.   They have their own style.

Old outdoor furniture, girl’s bedroom furniture, trundle bed, and our old Master Bedroom furniture…the list goes on.  I can now walk into our attic, have our outdoor wreaths hung up so I can see them (just a few seasonal, really) and see the floor.

Now of course, I do have a sentimental side.  I still have in my possession baby dolls, Thomas the Tank Engine train, etc., and keeping the costume/dress up box because the college kids still use it for Halloween.  What still needs to be eliminated are old Christmas decorations that I don’t put up anymore, battered Halloween and Easter decorations, board games, and books, books, and more books.

Attic Storage and Organization

Am I a tosser?  Regarding some items, yes.  But mostly, I find someone or someplace to donate the items that are wanted or needed.  So the big questions that I ask my clients all the time are, “Why are you holding onto this?  Do you need it?”  So, I asked myself the same questions.  If I come up with an answer that begins with “Just in case, I MIGHT need or the kids might…” then IT NEEDS TO GO!  Half the time I have found things I forgot I had saved!!


I have to say, after last weekend (albeit, sore and bone tired) I can’t help but feel cathartic and a HUGE sense of accomplishment.  Not only did we clean out the attic (yes, I even vacuumed the floorJ), but four other storage closets AND my staging storage area is also being revamped.  There is still more to be completed, but it’s a great start and an even better feeling!!


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