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I know that feeling:  the feeling of anxiety, stress, apprehension, no sleep, no eating (or eating depending on how you react to stress), sadness, happiness, etc. It’s the feeling of selling your home. The one you have so many memories in, you love the location, you have it renovated to perfection, you have meticulously taken care of it for years. So why are you selling?

Possibly for several reasons:  real_estate_sign_sold_800_wht

  • Your family is getting bigger and needs more space.
  • Your family is getting smaller and you need less space.
  • An opportunity to have your “Dream Home” suddenly came up.
  • Sadly a divorce, death, loss of job, or other hardship has forced you to make a change.

Whatever the reason, it is an emotional time. There are so many decisions:

 You put in an offer on a property, with the hopes of it being accepted. You play in your mind 50 million scenarios of selling your property. What can I get for it? How much will it cost me to sell? What do I have to do to get it ready? Do I want to sell my furniture, items, etc.? What will I need for the new home? What’s the best way to save on taxes?  What type of financing can I get? How much will I need to put down?

 What you need is a great team of experts. Within this team is where Home Staging Specialists can come into play. WE are the experts in making recommendations on the condition of your property. We can also stage your property READY to SELL. A seller can only control two things when selling their property: The condition of the property and the sale price. Home Staging Specialists can help you have your moving-boxesproperty looking its best with staging BEFORE you put it on the market. “A picture is worth a1000 words.” Your photographs need to look like a magazine spread. We can help alleviate some of that stress in the selling process. As part of your selling team, we work together with your agent, to help you get top dollar and to sell quickly. 

So, with the emotion of selling, let us help you and be a part of your team in the process of selling your home.

 Give us a call to further discuss.

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