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August 2013

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Ahhh, the month of August brings mixed emotions for me…the end of summer, the beginning of school, schedules, books, fees and my birthday (to which I have decided to ignore).  It also brings about change: some bittersweet, some stressful, but mostly good!

I had the recent opportunity to visit my oldest, Caitlin, and her Decorating with Mirrorsroommate Brigid, in Birmingham, AL to see their latest apartment; it’s Caitlin’s fifth move by the way, and hopefully her last for a while.  They moved from University Housing (which is basically a glorified dorm) to a much nicer apartment downtown, not too far from where both will be working.  It was so much fun to watch and see that these two twenty-somethings come up with creative ways to make this apartment the chic place they deserve.  The beginning of a new chapter in their lives, it is a learning curve in finding out how much things cost as well as how our real world can sometimes operate (Electric Bill?  Lease?  Renter’s Insurance?).  I have to say, so proud of both of these ladies.  Their hard work in school is definitely paying off and I hope they enjoy their twenties as they have a lot of great experiences ahead of them.  Though my visit was too brief, we got a lot completed.  One of our stops was a fabric store that was abuzz with many mothers and their daughters.  Come to find out these Decorating with Fabricladies were in full swing in preparation for college move in day.  Things were monogrammed, window treatments made, bed linens coordinating with window treatments, etc.  In the store (Sew Shari Designs), we came across this interesting business/service –  www.dormsuitedorm.com that will help get your dorm room ready!   I thought this was an interesting service for all those college girls along with their mothers to help relieve the stress of more decisions. Check it out…the service was excellent and the employees and the owner were lovely.

More changes…onto my son, Luke (boys are so different) who is preparing for his second year in college. His purchases include a TV, finding his game cube and maybe a coffee maker and a couple of posters.  He’s moving into a QUAD only to discover that they will have to clean their own bathroom this year (much to his chagrin, haha)…baby steps.  Too funny the differences in boys from girlsJ

Next is my senior in high school, Chris.  We are busy with the process of senior pictures, college choices, paperwork and the ACT.  It’s going to be a great, yet busy year for this guy, lots of decisions ahead, but all good! 

Finally, my youngest, Maggie is now officially not at the bottom of the high school food chain.  Sophomore year, I think can be difficult on many levels, both academically and socially, still growing and learning…she is busy with sports, school, and social life (not necessarily in that order).

So with the rest of August, I wish you patience, comfort and happiness as we get through these next few weeks of the beginning of a new school year or a new routine as the autumn season approaches.  As for my husband and I, once we have everyone settled into their routines, we will be pulling a truck up to the back of the house to begin the cleaning out and organizing process of the attic and closets, mattress flipping on day light savings time (thanks for the idea to my friend Laura Clements who left us too soon), getting ready for the cool weather, and enjoying what time is left of our younger two before the house is completely empty…

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