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January 2013

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Most of us make them, some keep them, for awhile…

Now that the holidays are officially over, albeit it was fun, it’s a new year and I am most anxious to put away all of the holiday decorations, new gifts, list making, make any exchanges if necessary and get organized!

This is a great time of year!  As we are making room in our closet for the new sweater we just got as a gift, go through our closet and PURGE!!  Get one of those boxes out of the garage, or better yet, a Hefty Garbage Bag, SEVERAL, and take a good hard look at your closet.  I go by these few simple rules that I am sure you have read time and time again, next to the January People Magazine showing how much weight a person has lost, but they have proven to work for me.

1. Go through your winter coats, jackets, etc.  If you have not worn them in the last 2 years, it’s time to donate!  I LOVE coats, hats, scarves, but you can only wear so many.

 Donate winter items not worn in last two years2. Pants:  If you did not wear them   at all, or if you are like me, have a plethora  of sizes (Fat pants, skinny pants, and the pants you can wear today), DONATE the pants you have not worn.  Chances are, if you are like me, by the time you have lost 10 lbs. to fit into those pants you LOVED, they are out of style.

 3. Everyday work out clothes:  By far, a classic white t-shirt is my favorite along with sweat pants.  I live for comfort.  However, take all of your workout (or lounge clothes) and take a GOOD LOOK.  Yes, I know, it’s your favorite shirt, but so what if you can see the armpit stains before you put it on!  TOSS it OUT!  Anything with holes, bleach stains, etc. TOSS! You can’t even donate that nor do you even want to use it as a rag!  We can get new t-shirts at many cost-effective stores. 

4. Undergarments…let’s not forget about those…even if on a whim we bought “something special” that still has the tags on them, or they wear out or don’t fit anymore!  It’s time to say good-bye to those!

5. SHOES:  My friend Kim will tell you, I have a very difficult time parting with shoes. ThisDonate shoes that  pinch, blister or don't fit correctly summer I had two pair of silver sandals that I had fixed twice  (2 times, each pair) because I wore them ALL THE TIME!  As much as I hate to say it, they will need to be tossed.  Along with donating those shoes that pinch my toes, leave blisters and maybe even smell a little even though they are broken in perfectly.  I’m all for shoes looking fabulous, but they do need to fit correctly, or let’s be honest, we won’t wear them!

While we are at it, let’s repeat this process with our summer clothes as well.  Yes, go to that bathing suit drawer and check out how faded our bathing suits are, toss out those three summer dresses that you wore all summer and do the same for those ill fitting shorts.

When we are finished with our closet, let’s move onto other storage ideas: 

What about our attic when we put our holiday decorations away?  As we box them up, we are going to purge as well.  Gone are decorating to the max for Halloween, we don’t have trick-o-treaters anymore (although I still do keep the dress up box with costumes because they still come back from college looking for something!)

How beat up are your other holiday decorations?  If you can only glue that nose or dangling arm back on one more time, it’s may be time to let go.  My children (not so much children anymore) have had a collection of ornaments from their grand and great grandparents since they have been born.  One year, I bought each a bin and separated all of their ornaments.  Of course, with four, we have enough ornaments for several trees.  Although we have one central tree, I have saved my “Special ornaments” that were for the kids and my husbands and my collection over the years separately.  When they move, they will have a good start for their own tradition.

Plan, organize and purge to keep an organized homeTo some, this might sound a bit overwhe lming.  However, when you plan your time and stay focused on meeting one goal at a time, and, depending on the project, recruiting family and/or friends, it goes smoothly and it’s definitely a great feeling to look at the newly organized closet and plan for the upcoming season. For those Sex in the City fans, remember when Carrie was purging her closet? She and her girlfriends had a lot of fun. Just as in a workout, it’s amazing what some good music, friends and a little nosh can do when cleaning out!

This month is all about cleansing, starting new, fresh.  This is the time to plan, organize and purge as we wait for the signs of spring.  Starting new and fresh is always a good feeling.  Whether it’s cleaning out a closet, or a new coat of paint, it’s definitely a pick-me-up when the weather is cold and gloomy.

So along with the usual resolutions (mine includes drinking more water), this winter is all about purging our “stuff”.  Good luck!!

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