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July 2013

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Unique Doors in the HomeFront Door ColorOn a recent trip to Europe, I became v ery interested in entryways and doors or portals.  While walking through streets of many cities that were rich with so much history (I definitely needed to bone up on my French history, keeping track of the “Louies” was next to impossible!) each door and/or entryway made a statement.  Whether subtle, extravagant, or with the simplicity of color and plantings, the shapes, sizes and hardware were ALL unique.  Something we tend to NOT find here in our YOUNG country, which just celebrated her youthful 237 years this month. 

 The cities and countryside ALL take pride in cleanliness (out to the streets!) constantly sweeping and WASHING sidewalks, etc.   I never saw a cigarette butt, piece of gum, or wrappers on the ground. I could go on, but back to the doorways. If you have the opportunity when building a home, this may be a place where you need to pause, give your front door some thought and make the entryway special.  Yes, it may be a bit more of an investment, and yes, we may make our contractor scratch his head a bit, but the end result will be well worth it.  The choices are endless. I, of course, LOVE the unique hardware in the CENTER of the doors.  The doors I passed through were very heavy and oversized, but gave that unique look for every entrance.  If you are remodeling an older home, chances are, you will not be able to find the exact size for doors, trim, etc., due to the fact that a lot of items were made on the job site.  So, yet another opportunity to create something unique that fits with the look of the home. 

Front Door StyleFront Door ArchitectureNo, I’m not just talking about entryways to Châteaus and churches, but also to hotel doors, traboules in Lyon (which were secret public passageways that only the locals knew and were used as shortcuts or escape routes during the war) or just personal residences.  I am also referring to using doorways to gardens, or as unique art pieces in your garden.  Whether a doorway to an entrance to your little piece of paradise in your back yard, or creating a unique entrance to hide your gardening tools, doorways are a very important part of your home. Pick up an issue of July’s Southern Living and get some more creative ideas about using gates in your garden! Doorways help set the tone and the look of your home.  It creates anticipation from a visitor as to what lies ahead.

So…as you are out and about this summer, take a look at the front doors/entryways in your area and see what you find…

À bientôt….


Article from Southern Living with great ideas on how to use gates in the garden.

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