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Gray: The Elegant Neutral

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Gray Paint Samples, Photo Credit: Unknown

Gray Paint Samples, Photo Credit: Unknown

Choosing the perfect gray can make your head spin – brown-ish gray, blue-ish gray, black-ish gray. You only have a few thousand options at your local paint store, so how do you choose?

Gray remains a popular color for interiors. As one of the elegant neutral color options, gray is a fan favorite because it can warm up or cool it down your space. Therefore, when selecting the perfect gray we like to focus on the color temperature. If you prefer warmer tones look for a yellow or beige based gray, or greige, as the trade likes to call it. If you prefer cooler tones you may opt for a blue or green-based gray.

Remember, lighting plays a large role in how your color will look in your room. Do you have a lot of natural lighting? Which direction does the light come from? North, south, east, or west? Do you use lamps in your space? What color is the shade? A colored shade may need to be transitioned to white. All of these elements can impact how the color appears in your space throughout the given day, and being mindful of these elements is half the battle to selecting the right color.

The best way to evaluate any paint color is to live with it for a few days. Paint a sample wall and then determine how you like the color at various times throughout the day. How does the color change when the lighting in the room changes? How does the color change when switching out lamps or lamp shades? When you find a color that checks the box from sun up to sun down – you have found your winner!

Ready for a couple more tips for selecting the perfect gray?

  • Gray can absolutely be paired with an accent color – the undertone of your selection will help you determine the best color partner
  • Flat paint may be your best option for gray walls. Flat paint also helps to hide flaws & smudges
  • Gary walls – Cream trim. Sometimes stark white can be too bright when paired with your gray. Evaluate cream colors that have either a brown, yellow, or red tint and see how that pairs with your gray selection – it may provide just the right amount of warmth and color balance

Lastly, don’t let selecting a paint color stress you out…have fun and enjoy the process! Remember a paint color can always be changed!

Happy painting!

Kelly Kirkpatrick

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February 2013

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paint swatchesWell, Phil the Ground Hog did NOT see his shadow; therefore an early spring is predicted! Spring Catalogs are beginning to hit the doorstep with the anticipation of warmer weather and the SUN arriving!

Hopefully, we’ve turned the corner! This time of year is the time for planning for Spring! Outdoor projects, plantings, etc., it’s a perfect time to peruse the catalogs and plan. If you are staying in your home or thinking about selling, you definitely need to pay attention to your outdoor details. Your home needs to look just as inviting outside as it does inside. Less is more; it’s amazing how a fresh coat of colored paint on a front door, or a new bench cushion along with a pot of flowers can makeJunk in a drawer an inviting entrance to your home. Sparkling clean windows let the sun in and rid us of the grime of winter. Resealing your deck or driveway is just around the corner!

Bring in the spring season soon by planning color indoor! This year’s color is Emerald Green. A rich color that is vibrant and beautiful against the correct palate. Blues and teals are also fresh, crisp colors, a nice contrast to the winter blues.

I recommend bringing in color and texture through easy things to change: fabrics, accessories, or paint colors. Find your inspiration of color. Whether it’s a favorite painting or a glass bowl, your color palate depicts who you are; it’s your personality!

This month is also a continuation of cleaning out. On those gray days when the weather is either rainy or snowy and you have watched enough television, tackle one room or one closet at a time, making arrangements for the items to be picked up or boxed up and dropped off.  If you have a room in your home that is storage and you haven’t used anything in it for a year, chances are you don’t need it.  Even if it’s an annual clean out your “Junk Drawer”.  Everyone has one, but it’s a great feeling to have it organized, even if it’s just for a little while.

What about that pantry? It’s time to clean that out as well. Check your spices. There are expiration dates, and if you are like me, you think they last forever, NOT! Definitely a different taste with fresh spices! 


A simple solution when the weather starts to warm up is to change out your bedding. My Grandmother use to have bedding for winter and summer and changed it on a regular basis. These do not have to be expensive, as it will add years to your bedding switching. It also puts you in a habit of cleaning the bedding. Another tip that a friend of mine taught me is to flip the mattresses when the time changes. You know, Spring Forward, Fall Back. She had her mattresses numbered so you knew which way to flip them, top to bottom and which side. It’s not something I ever thought of doing on a consistent basis, but it does help prolong the life of your mattress and it’s a great memory of her.

So, let’s get cracking! We will be outside enjoying the sunshine and warmer weather sooner than we realize!

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