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April 2013

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Ahhhh, the signs of spring!  In Kentucky this means a lot of vibrant color and of course, the count down to the Kentucky Derby with all the festivities leading up to the big race!  Whether you are planning a party, trying to find the perfect outfit to wear, squeezing in some home projects before the big day, or finding that famous Southern Recipe for the event, may I suggest turning to Pinterest or Houzz, my new best friends!

For those of you who don’t know what Pinterest or Houzz are, they are addicting tools that save a lot of time (and money) for whatever project you are planning.  They are virtual bulletin boards AND they are FREE!

PInterest for Home Decor IdeasThat’s right, instead of buying all of those magazines and pulling out pages, creating a file and more paperwork, this is a paperless, easy way to communicate what your likes are for any project.  You can make the bulletin boards private (if you just want to share your ideas with certain people) or open for anyone to see your creativity and interests.

Yes, I do have Pinterest boards.  Many.  They vary from personal tastes in clothing, jewelry, wedding ideas (not that I am planning any at the moment), and party ideas. I especially love the accessibilty of Pinterest and that anyone can use it! I can get ideas anywhere from my best friends, family members, or someone halfway across the world! Houzz for Interior Design Ideas

Houzz is geared toward more interior design, staging, etc. Think of Pinterest as the Facebook of pin boards, and Houzz as the LinkedIn. Houzz is more professional in that it deals with multiple aspects of home make-over – building, decorating, interior design, etc. This is where you will find some great ideas from people that know this trade inside and out!

In honor of the Kentucky Derby, I’ve begun a Pinterest board of things I like for the Kentucky Derby festivities.  You can follow me on one or all of my boards, if you wish.

Go on, give it a try!  It’s fun, easy and a great way to communicate what you want for any type of project!

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