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Add Warmth to Your Space

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Area Rug Styles

Area Rug Styles

Coming down from the sugar high of Halloween, November brings many thoughts to mind – cooler temperatures, lots of color, and time change when days are shorter and nights are longer.  It’s the beginning of the holiday season, parties, fabulous food and the gathering of family and friends.

Yes, we have tips on decorating for the holidays, favorite recipes and cheer.  I also think of warmth, roasting fires and how rugs can come into play.


Just returning from a trip to Market, I ran across thousands of rug manufacturers…I saw some of the most beautiful rugs imaginable that fit any style of home.  From bright colors, to muted Orientals of various countries, rugs are the perfect accent piece, the icing on the cake, if you will.  

Area Rug StylesArea Rug StylesRugs can finish off a room and completely change the look and feel while adding warmth and color to an area.  There are so many textures, patterns, materials and colors to choose from, your floor is a blank canvas…



So as we enter this holiday season and you want to spruce up and/or put some finishing touches on your space, don’t forget about the blank canvas you stand on…what piece would work for you?  Let us help…Cheers!


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