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It hasn’t been long since we finished Thanksgiving Turkey and the hustle and bustle for Christmas has already begun.  Making lists, checking twice, studying for finals, getting ready for holiday parties, dances, etc.  I know the holidays are a time to be thankful, as every day should be.  So, for the last two days I have been wandering around trying to figure out what to write about…and then it hit me:  There are people I see every day in passing as part of my routine, some not as much as others, but they always make me feel welcome, like “Norm” from Cheers.  With the holidays approaching, I am always thankful for my family and friends in their support of my business.  In addition, I would like to add some other special mentions:


  • All the clients I have worked with this year.  It has been a pleasure to get to know you and share your happiness in the work and success we have created together.
  • All of the sub-contractors that I work with and know have my back and that I truly trust.  I know I can count on you and truly appreciate your expertise in each one of your fields.  I hope you feel the same about me.
  • Vendors such as Digs, Sew Unique and Merridian that I have worked with both personally and professionally.  Your talents and friendship mean a great deal.


I leave you with a few pictures of some of my favorite people with whom I consider friends along with a peek inside their stores…check them out, they will make you feel like your coming home.

I wish everyone a Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas and Cheers to 2014!


2013-12-03 13.10.59 



Did you know even elves can be naughty?! This little elf at Morgan Stanely had to promise not to
throw snowballs at reindeer!





Sew Unique




 Here are just a few of the wonderful gifts offered at Sew Unique during this Holiday season!
Thanks for all of your help through-out the year!




2013-12-04 10.40.03





 These ladies at The Cheddar Box always take care of me and my sweet tea addiction!
Thank you all so much for keeping me caffeinated and happy!



All Digs



As many of you may already know, Digs is one of my favorite go-to establishments to visit for clients as well as myself. Thank you so much to the entire crew for their generosity and eagerness to assist me. It is always a pleasure working with you all!

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