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Horses, hats, Mint Juleps,  Lillys, Mother’s Day, Graduations, birthdays…May is an incredibly busy time for us in Kentucky.  It seems like in the rush of this month there are celebrations every weekend!

For those of you who don’t know, the First Saturday in May, EVERY year, is like Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa all rolled up into one.  There are events beginning two weeks before the blessed day, and a constant party, flutter and focus on fashion from shoes to hats/fascinators for both men and women.  It’s like the Oscars and Academy Awards wrapped up into one. I’ve never been so coiffed, buffed, polished and groomed for this favorite weekend in our home.

This is also the time to motivate me (actually it started in March, when it was still cold and grey, wishing for spring) because we have guests that arrive and stay for this event along with hosting a dinner party. Think spring house cleaning on steroids.  Those projects that you have put off are now front and center.  New lighting to replace the old, turned pink lighting?  Check! Landscaping completed in a timely manner, replacing all things dead that did not survive this past winter? Check!  Guestrooms…new bedding, sheets, mattresses, Derby themed soaps, etc….Check!  Cleaning out closets in the guest rooms that held all that “stuff” to use for another time? Check! And don’t forget food, hydrate, food, hydrate and more food!

bed for blog

To me entertaining is so much fun.  It is important to me to make sure that guests feel at home and have everything they need.  Make sure the beds are comfortable, because how often do you sleep in your guest room?  I tweeted earlier about an article I read on tips for your guest rooms.  Doesn’t hurt to check it out!  Also, cleaning out makes me feel better that that lovely chore that’s been put off for forever is now complete.  I feel like I am “nesting”.  Good thing as our third one heads off to college in the fall, my husband knows that we will be cleaning out again!  He made the comment the other day that there is nothing left to clean out…au contraire mon mari, there are still more closets to conquer!

So as we push on toward graduations, end of the school year and the transition into summer, now is the time to get organized, regenerate and make ready for those lazy hot days poolside, on the beach, at a ballpark or wherever this summer takes you.

Cheers to the rest of this month and Happy Belated Mother’s Day to those well deserving mom’s out there; congratulations and best wishes on your future endeavors to all of our graduates; and Happy Birthday to those Taurus’ in my life!


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