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I recently tweeted, face-booked, etc., a reference to an interesting article from Elle Décor.  It was a list of “10 Things You Must Have in Your Home By Age 30.”  I thought they were good suggestions.  As I try to look back to when I was 30, what I was doing at that time in my life, I’d like to add a few comments to the suggestions:



1. Art You Love:  I think this an ongoing investment and tastes change over time.  I do feel that art is an investment and when you DO find something that you absolutely can’t live without, then it’s a purchase.  I still have art in our home that has meaning or it’s something that is timeless.  Mixing styles in a home can be a great conversation piece.


2. An Organized Book Shelf:  I think a bookshelf can be personalized with not just books, but items you love and have meaning as well.  Do I think we should stuff the bookshelves?  Not necessarily (this is the staging side of me) but your shelves could include a special piece of artwork, along with your favorite all time books.


Newmarket Bathroom After

3. Matching Towels:  I don’t think I had matching towels, nor did I realize how ratty my towels were until I decided to hit Bed Bath and Beyond.  I remember speaking with a friend one day and she referenced “Guest Towels”.  At the time, we had at least 2.5 children and “Guest Towels” didn’t exist in our home.  Needless to say, when you are at the point where your brown towels all of a sudden start to have bleach stains and look like a leopard or you are using your towels to dry your car, it’s time to invest in some nice ones.  You can always find some good deals.  Just remember to CUT UP the old towels for rags.  I still seem to find some “rag towels” in my closet. 


4. A Plant:  Depending on your lifestyle, not all of us have a green thumb.  However, a little green in your house can brighten up any spot in your home.  If you don’t have a green thumb, or you forget to water the “Love Fern”, then just picking up some “thanks for being you” flowers can brighten up your week.  You can find them for a decent price at a farmers market, or your local grocery.  Another thought is having potted herbs in the kitchen to use for cooking. With spring trying to make an appearance, a handful of colorful tulips, some simple roses or a small pot of rosemary or basil can definitely bring a positive change.


Bedroom After (use)

5. A Nice Mattress and Headboard:  Yep, college days are over!  Yes, you might have a mattress that could be leftover from college or your first apartment and just a bed frame.  It’s time to upgrade to that Pillow Top including a headboard! Time to finish your room!  A neutral headboard can go with anything and help complete your serenity room…yes, after a long day of work, travel, maybe tucking in the kids, it’s nice to invest in a headboard, and I will go one step further – really nice sheets.  I didn’t think there was a difference, but au contraire, mes amis, there IS!


6. A Collection:  Ok, I’m a little hesitant on this one.  (Yes, this is the staging side of me coming out again!).  My husband has a collection of golf flags from courses he has played that I have framed and have hanging in the basement.  I’m not sure how I feel about bobble heads, or school flags or license plates, (no offense); I can’t help but thinking of them as dust collectors (more work).  What collections do I have?  Hmmmm, I don’t have any! 


7. Bathroom Accessories that Aren’t Plastic:  This goes with #3, having your spa-like area.  Nothing is better than coming home after a long day to a space that feels like a resort.  You don’t have to have a lot of accessories; however, investing in nice ones definitely creates a better look. 


8. A Favorite Candle (or the knowledge that you are not a Scent Person):  I’ve never personally been a big candle or scent person.  I don’t like heavy, overwhelming scents, perfumes or colognes.  I’m pretty simple, liking the smell of fresh laundry and soap.  However, the older I have gotten, I have found a few favorite candle scents that I like and use when I am working or when I need to decompress. I usually stick with beach scents, or some light, spring scents.  So, find what your style or level of scent is, if any! 


Crooked Lane bedroom after

9. Two Bedside Tables:  Once again, we are back to the bedroom.  Two bedside tables (no they don’t have to match, but same height would be nice) complete the balance in your room.  It can provide more storage and a great place for all of those stacks of books, magazines and papers and notepads. 


10. A Luxurious Throw:  As we are beginning to thaw out from one of the worst winters I can remember, investing in a wonderful soft throw can be just the ticket when it is bone chilling cold. You can hunker down and watch that movie with your bowl of popcorn.  It can be textured (I love that) or have a pop of color that can add a lot to your den or bedroom.


This is a great starting point. What would you change/add to your list?  A Keurig? A Kitchenaid Mixer? An Apple TV?  I would love to hear from my 30-something and under clients their thoughts or wish list by the time the big 3-0 hits.


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