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How your designer grows with you

OK, so you have hired a designer, you have had a successful relationship, they get you and your family’s lifestyle.  I have been fortunate to work with clients of all ages:  from young families, to people who are retiring and just want to update, to young couples just starting out.  Whatever their budget, we work with clients in whatever capacity to fit their needs.

When you have young families, a lot of times you still want things to look nice but some of the items you dream of might not fit your current lifestyle.  You can still have what we call “functional elegance”.  Unless you are living with “off-limit” spaces, which today isn’t practical, you want fabrics on furniture that are durable and easy to clean from the sometimes little messy hands or dirty paw prints.  We listen and ask questions as to how our clients live, what their needs are and what is important to them for their home.  We take a look at their existing items and ask questions about what they like/dislike and what their “wishlist” of things to do or want.

We then help them prioritize their wish list into wants and needs, and help develop a plan as to what their priorities are to finish first along with their budget.  Budget is a tough question for most people because most of the time they don’t have any idea on costs.  We can help them some guidance as to how much things can cost and why you want to make investments in quality furniture that will last.

With clients that are a bit more seasoned or have that empty nest (speaking about myself), we are at the point of simplifying life and have the ability to update with what we may have always wanted to enjoy.  Whether it’s an entertaining space, to updating that master suite and/or kitchen that was well loved over the years to something more efficient use of space.

Wherever you are in your lifestyle, we look forward to developing a lasting working relationship.  I enjoy getting to know my clients on a personal level, watching families grow and share stories and experiences along the way.