What exactly is a Commercial Liaison?

A Commercial Liaison of Design and Planning

So, your company has decided to build its own building. Where to begin? Who is going to be in charge of making selections, and constant contact with the builder for these 18 months to 2-year project, all while you are currently running your daily business?  So many decisions and detail can go into this investment, your head is now spinning.

With the right team in place, this is where we can help.  In working with a local company, Premier Packaging, they had acquired a piece of land with an older building sitting on it.   They decided to tear it down and maximize their space.  With this fast-growing company, the top people didn’t have time to meet on a weekly basis and discuss all the details involving their building.

This is where we came in to help. 

  • We met with them, understanding their parameters, and their business and how it works.
  • Met with several contractors for general bids
  • Did a lot of research to help with the design of the building, whether it was going to be a cross-dock, how many dock doors, ceiling height for storage, traffic flow, etc.
  • Met on a weekly basis with the contractors during the construction period as well as a daily basis
  • When needed to make financial decisions on direction, communicated with corporate for approval.
  • Provided updates
  • Made selections for finishes conducive to the overall look they wanted
  • Worked with furniture vendor to complete the design of office space, lobby, breakroom, gym space
  • Worked in conjunction with contractor and client for move-in weekend
  • Completed finishing touches including collaborating with graffiti artists to create an overall concept for their warehouse and lobby

This seems like a simple list, but overall it was a great collaboration of many people to achieve their dream all while this company kept their “storefront” open with business as usual.

Many companies do not have a designated team when they are moving into their new corporate space, whether it’s leased or owned, and an administrative person is usually given the task to complete signage, carpet, paint and furniture selections.  This is where Home Staging Specialists can be of help to make the transition into your new space a smooth one.

With the ever-changing times of being environmentally conscience, to open collaboration space, to break out spaces that may include ping pong tables and green space, it’s up to us to present ideas and concepts in moving forward to the future.