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Commercial Design

Our commercial design experience has taken us from coast to coast and from corporate headquarters to satellite offices. At times we have been tasked with helping with entire floor plans and workflow evaluation, and at other times we have helped to align the space with the brand of the company. Our capabilities allow us to fit into a project wherever we can bring the most value, but with that said, one thing remains the same our due diligence strategy remains the same. Much like our home design process, we ask a lot of questions, and while the line of questioning may be vastly different, the goal is the same – ensure we help to create the most functional, efficient, and beautiful space possible.

On the commercial side of the business, we will ask questions about the branding of the company, the culture, clients served, office functions, work flow, remote employees, and expected company growth.  All of these elements will help us make recommendations to serve the business best and ensure operational efficiencies.

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