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I know that it has been a crazy time with the weather this year. We have experienced an emotional rollercoaster ride of seasons while anticipating the final appearance of SPRING!
I have recently had the pleasure of visiting Charleston, SC with my husband for our 30th wedding anniversary. We have walked all over the city, taken a carriage ride, viewed some of the most gorgeous homes, stayed in a mansion, etc. Taking a break from design, but always in the back of my mind, the things you notice in the construction and detail from century-old buildings and the lifestyle of the city.
I cannot help but always be a “Southern Girl.” Oh, how I love the smell of the honeysuckle blooming, along with fresh flowers of any kind, including the moss on the trees. The “Gentille Southern Gentlemen” that stand up when you walk into a room and greet you with pleasantries going in and coming out of a door is always refreshing. And who wouldn’t love the combination of formality with dinner as well as the informality of flip-flops and shorts if you desire, and the warm welcome you receive wherever you go, with impeccable service and attention to detail.
You can’t help but feel like a Southern Belle where ever you are from. Oh, how I have missed sitting on a porch with a good glass of ice tea, conversations without a phone, and the usual southern pleasantries.
The architecture and history of this city is amazing. We welcomed the opportunity to walk the same streets as leaders and legends that came before us. We enjoyed touring the various mansions diving into the breathtaking architecture and learning about the “hospitality doors” that may look like an entrance to the home, but in reality, a way to communicate with friends and neighbors. If the door was open, it meant the occupants were home and ready to receive guests, and if closed it told a potential visitor that another time would be better. 
What else did we do? We entered the same Church as George Washington was said to have visited, we ate at some of the most amazing restaurants including The Obstinate Daughter, 5 Church, Halls Chophouse, the Peninsula Grill, and finishing up with Circa 1886 for anniversary dinner. It is safe to say we were never disappointed with the food!
With it snowing as late as April 16 in Kentucky, we are praying this is it. With Derby just ten days away, we, in Kentucky, will be showing our best Southern selves and serving up the hospitality. While the weather can be a challenge, we always make the best of it, in true southern style. What will you be doing this year for the Derby Festivities? See ya’ll soon!